Saturday, November 8, 2008

Midnight Show 8/2/08

The FIRST ever "Midnight Show" happened at UCB Theatre LA on August 2, 2008 with celebrity guest host Jerry Minor w/musical guest The Rolling Blackouts in front of a sold-out crowd.  Here's what happened...(and thanks to Megan Berru for the photos).

OPENING:  LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
(written by Hal Rudnick)
Our overexuberant Mayor tells the audience about important happenings in the city of Angels.
Featuring: Hal Rudnick

(by Eric Moneypenny, Cale Hartmann, Zach Paez, Michael Busch)
Guest host Jerry Minor tries to do a monologue, but The Midnight Show writers think it's an SNL opening monologue, so they try to interrupt by asking him questions, but Jerry won't let them, so everybody's arguing about whether or not to ask questions.  Sounds boring and complicated on paper, but it went great.
Featuring:  Minor, Moneypenny, Hartmann, Paez, Nic Wegener, James Ross.

"Hype Man" for a Stand-Up Comedian
(by Nic Wegener, James Ross, James Pumphrey, and Brandon Johnson)
Everything's better with a hip-hop hype man, even a bad stand-up at a depressing, run-of-the-mill open mic.
Featuring:  Ben Siemon & Brandon Johnson.

"Red Dawn" Film Teacher
(by Hal Rudnick)
This film course will only deal with the 1980s Cold War classic "Red Dawn", and absolutely nothing else.

Featuring:  Hal Rudnick, Kulap Vilaysack, Stephen Hale & the cast.

Sugar Chan
(by Heather Campbell)

Two U.S. tourists check into a Japanese hotel, turn on the TV, and are treated to the most insane Anime ever.
Featuring:  Campbell, Jeff Sloniker, Hal Rudnick, Andie Bolt, Josh Fadem, Kulap Vilaysack, etc.

VIDEO:  AXE for Women
(by Andie Bolt)
AXE is supposed to have an awesome effect on the opposite sex, but when girls start using it, it gets creepy.
Featuring:  Andie Bolt, James Adomian, Hal Rudnick, James Ross, Nathan Barnatt, and many more.

"The Man That Can't Tell the Difference Between Men & Women"
(by Eric Moneypenny, Cale Hartmann, and Zach Paez)
At a swingin' cocktail party, a single dude hits on only dudes.  He isn't gay, he just has absolutely no fundamental understanding of the difference between men and women.
Featuring:  Jerry Minor, Brandon Johnson & the cast.

Mirror Shoes
(by Ryan Perez)
A man wears mirrors on his shoes to look up his wife's skirt.  Every day, and all day long.  For 15 years.
Featuring:  Josh Fadem & Andie Bolt

HBO's "John Adams"
(by James Adomian)
Commercial spoof of actor Paul Giamatti trying to play one of America's forefathers.
Featuring:  James Adomian & an Eric Moneypenny voiceover.

Rosie O'Donnell Makes Prank Phone Calls
(by Jeff Sloniker & Michael Busch)

MUSICAL GUESTS:  The Rolling Blackouts

GUEST PERFORMER:  Nathan Barnatt

VIDEO:  "How to Use An Elevator"
(by Michael Busch, Stephen Hale, and Jeff Sloniker)
1970s Instructional film about how to use these new people-elevating machines they keep putting in buildings.
Featuring:  Hal Rudnick, Jeff Sloniker, and Ben Siemon.

...Brandon Johnson Counts The Minorities in the Audience

(by Brandon Johnson & Michael Busch)
There weren't many.   And Brandon Johnson kicks ass, as usual.
Featuring:  Brandon

The "Most Inspiring" person at the L.A. Marathon
(by. Ryan Perez)
A young, vibrant marathon runner tries to get last place to be the "most inspiring" story of the marathon, just to beat out a 90-year old dying guy.
Featuring:  Jerry Minor, Josh Fadem, Hal Rudnick, Heather Campbell.

Mark Gastineau:  Video Professor  
(by Eric Moneypenny)
1980s NFL NY Jets sackmaster tries to teach people how to use Mac computers.
Featuring:  Stephen Hale, Ben Siemon, Heather Campbell, Kulap Vilaysack & Eric Moneypenny.

VIDEO:  "Omnibus Globes"
(by James Adomian)
In our global world, there needs to be more globe commercials.  
Featuring:  James Adomian, Cale Hartmann, James Pumphrey, James Ross, Eric Moneypenny, Angela Hindley.

"Mark Rumley:  Black-Out Drunk Detective"
(by Eric Moneypenny, Zach Paez & Jeff Sloniker)
A detective that can solve every crime...once he figures out where in the hell he was last night when he passed out wasted.
Featuring:  Jeff Sloniker, Stephen Hale, Ben Siemon, Andie Bolt.

Dr. Warrior
(by Michael Busch & Josh Fadem)
Dr. Phil's show, but with guest host and former WWF Champion, The Ultimate Warrior.
Featuring:  Josh Fadem, Stephen Hale, James Adomian & cast.

The Midnight Show is directed by Joe Wagner, with executive producer Michael Busch, and co-producer Megan Reeves.

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